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Bus Registration
Once complete and approved, parents will be notified by email. No bus passes will be issued or picked up at the Transportation Center.
For more info, call 254-697-6737.

No Drop Off Ordinance in Effect Around ALL Schools

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Cameron Elementary UIL Winners 2018

5th Grade

Chess Puzzle - Individual

6th - Kelton Driska

Music Memory Team

Coached by Lori Eldridge

3rd - Lorena Gil, Merci Kistler, Rigoberto Merino, Yahtziry Saucedo, Dylan Stowe, Shaleigh Adindu, Kamile Cartwright

Music Memory - Individual

3rd - Dylan Stowe

6th - Yahtziry Saucedo

Number Sense Team

Coached by Jana Beckhusen

1st - Jabe Conorly, Cesar Najera, Logan Akin, Kelton Driska

Number Sense Individual

1st - Jabe Conorly

3rd - Cesar Najera

5th - Logan Akin

Maps, Graphs, & Charts Team

Coached by Edward McCormick

3rd - Allie Henson, Cade Patterson, Jose Laureano, Jayme Tedford

Maps, Graphs, & Charts Individual

6th -Cade Patterson

Oral Reading - Individual

2nd - Kenley Harris

5th - Haven Berry

6th - Brooklyn Wright

Art - 5th Grade Team

Coached by Shelly Akin

3rd - Aubree Brashear, Mason Kuzel, Merci Kistler, Dylan Stowe, Saydi Wimmer

Art - Individual

5th - Aubree Brashear

Social Studies - Individual

3rd -Lily Brunson

Spelling Team

Coached by Karen Skala

3rd - Haven Berry, Emely Contreras, Jasdan Llanas, Sarah Hutchison

Spelling - Individual

4th - Jasden Llanas

6th - Haven Berry

Ready Writing - Individual

1st -  Kelton Driska

2nd - Saydi Wimmer

4th - Jayme Tedford

4th Grade

Number Sense Team

Coached by Jana Beckhusen

1st - Ethan Jacoby, Avery Garrett, Cooper Kenney

Number Sense Individual

1st - Ethan Jacoby

2nd - Cooper Kenney

Art - Team

Coached by Shelly Akin

1st - Leslie Banda, Aliyah Lewis, Beatrice Rangel, Gabriella Rodriguez, Audrina Rangel, Christopher Mackrow, Jocelyn Garcia

Art - Individual

1st - Lesli Banda

2nd - Gabriella Rangel

3rd - Aliyah Lewis

5th - Beatrice Rangel

Music Memory Team

Coached by Melissa Vaculin

1st - Owen Graham, Jessilyn Henderson, Maddie Lasher, Jadyn Parker, Beatrice Rangel, Natalynn Freeman, Khloe Salazar

Music Memory - Individual

2nd - Jadyn Parker

3rd - Owen Graham

5th - Maddie Lasher

6th - Jessilyn Henderson

Oral Reading - Individual

5th - Jessilynn Henderson

6th - Bailey Anderle

Spelling Team

Coached by Terica Fraction

2nd - Shawn Leifeste, Daniel Rodriguez, Jett Vaculin, Carlie Eason

Spelling Individual

2nd - Jett Vaculin

4th - Daniel Rodriguez

3rd Grade

Ready Writing Individual

2nd - Bailey Anderle

5th - Avery Garrett

Chess Puzzle Team

Coached by Marsha Yakesch

1st - Patryn Hunt, Matthew Mackrow, Justin Parker, Brody White

Chess Puzzle Individual

1st - Matthew Mackrow

2nd - Patryn Hunt

4th - Justin Parker

Math - Individual

5th - Brody White

Storytelling - Individual

2nd - Hadley Wagner

3rd - Delilah Warner

Music Memory Team

Coached by Trevette Jarma

3rd - Amarion Avdic, Jaycee Cruz, Claire Kopriva, Isabella Llanas, Michael Vargas, Sophia Batten

Spelling Team

Coached by Codi Lowery

3rd - Adara Lewis, Matthew Mackrow, Mia Paredes, Justin Parker

Spelling - Individual

3rd - Matthew Mackrow

Ready Writing - Individual  

5th - Sadie Dorner

Wendy Mahan, Principal

Laci Rasberry, Assistant Principal 

James Henderson, Assistant Principal
404 E. 22nd
Cameron, Texas 76520 


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