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Haircut with designs and lines 

Students have been warned about having haircuts that are out of dress code. If this continues your child will face disciplinary action as stated in the Student Handbook.


Classes start at 7:55 am

Breakfast is served 7:30-7:45 am

School is dismissed by 3:35 pm

To fix or replace devices:

Chromebook $285

Charger $60

Case $40

Screen $50

Loan Book Agreement

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    Meet the Teachers


Thursday, August 13th

9:00 am -7:00 pm

(No meetings 12:00-1:00 and 4:00-5:00)


Bus Registration


If your child rides a bus, register here. Once the Bus Pass is processed parents will receive an email when pass is ready to be picked up at the campus where the student is enrolled.


Attention aurors in training!
Cameron Library has just received an alert from the Ministry of Magic! Death Eaters have been spotted in town and we need your help to defeat them. It seems they are attempting to revive their fallen master, Voldemort. Luckily, our top oracles have been on the case and have gathered clues to help you help us find Voldemort’s 6 horcruxes and the 3 deathly hallows which have been hidden around the town of Cameron in an attempt to complete some dark ritual. Ea…

First Clue

“Read me to walk in the shoes of one past, written down so their story may last. To find me go where people walk in the shoes of others. Where stories become real and strangers become brothers.”

Second Clue

“History’s a circle and so am I. Go to the place where justice stands high. I am a round peg in hole that is square. Find me where the law is laid bare.”

Third Clue

“Within me is space enough for a single memory. I hold my one in a place made for many. I am small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I rest where once were criminals of the land.”

Fourth Clue

“Though I sit empty most of the time, you can fill me up when the time is nigh. While I hold liquids in me, where I hide holds animals to feed.”

Fifth Clue

“You can place me upon your head. I am where students dread. Learning for learning is a trait not dead. Find me where the letters scroll red.”

Sixth Clue

“Snakes slither under stones and into shadows. I wait in the place of horror everyone knows. A snake of metal travels near the place I hide. For once in my life, I am not at my master’s side.”

Invitation to Parents

Join us on the 1st Monday of each month for  PTO meetings  held in the CJH Library. Your support is needed! 

Texas Education Agency

School Report Card

Planning for our school year!


Wendy Mahan, Principal

         James Henderson, Assistant Principal

404 E. 22nd
Cameron, Texas 76520

School Phone (254) 697-2131
School Fax (254) 605-0379


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