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Advanced Academics Program
Nomination Students may be nominated by staff, parents and/or any person having knowledge of the child's G/T characteristics. Students may self-nominate. Nomination forms are available on-line and in the counselor's office. Nominations will be accepted at the beginning of each school year and in the spring semester. Parents will be notified that their child has been nominated to be considered for placement in the G/T program. Students will not be tested without parent permission.

Guidelines for Eligibility To be eligible for the G/T program, a student must qualify in 6 of the 7 criteria in the Superior Range. The Campus Selection Committee, consisting of a Teacher, G/T Representative, Counselor, and Principal.
Matrix for Grades K - 8

Matrix for High School

Screening All Kindergarten students will be screened for the G/T program.

Beyond Kindergarten, assessments will be done as needed based on nominations.

All nominated students will be assessed using multiple measures, both subjective and objective, to determine their abilities, performance, and productive thinking abilities.

If in the event a second Abilities/Reasoning assessment is required, the higher of the two scores will be used as that part of the scoring matrix.

Measures will vary depending on the grade of the nominated student and may include, but are not limited to, the following instruments:


  • Abilities/Achievement: Naglieri Non-Verbal Abilities Test (NNAT)
  • Teacher Evaluation: Slocumb-Payne Teacher Perception Inventory
  • Portfolio
  • Parent Evaluation: Slocumb-Payne Perception Inventory
  • Student Interview

    Grades 1 - 8

  • Abilities/Achievement: SAGES, NNAT
  • Teacher Evaluation: Teacher Scale for Recommendation
  • Parent Evaluation: Slocumb-Payne Perception Inventory
  • Portfolio
  • Student Interview

    Grades 9-12

  • Abilities/Achievement: OLSAT and Standard 10
  • Teacher Evaluation: Slocumb-Payne Teacher Perception Inventory
  • Parent Evaluation: Slocumb-Payne Perception Inventory
  • Portfolio

    Cameron I.S.D. reserves the right to request additional information where accumulated data is inconclusive.

    Selection A campus selection committee will be used to make all placement, exit, transfer, and appeals decisions.

    The committee will consist of at least the principal, counselor, AAP representative, and a teacher.

    To be identified as gifted, the student will need at least six total points on the AAP matrix.

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