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Young Yoemen University
    The Cameron Independent School District's Young Yoemen Univeristy is designed to ensure our students have the opportunity for educational, recreational, and enrichment programs. The program will provide a supervised enviroment that promotes educational competence, physical and social development, and community. The program is simply an extension of the regular school day.

    The Young Yoemen University at Cameron Elementary schools is funded through program fees. Our program is an academic enrichment program that helps our students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 5th to discover and cultivate their aspirations.

    We realize that parent's schedules are rarely the same as a school's schedule. We also realize that many students leave school each day and return home to spend hours of unsupervised time in front of the television. In our Young Yoemen University, students participate in academic enrichment, technology applications, recreational activities and homework study/tutoring time. Students will also have a snack time.

    Young Yoemen University is hosted at Ben Milam Elementary after school each day until 5:30 pm. Please contact your campus principal if interested.

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