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Name Responsibilities Photo
Mahan, Wendy Principal
Henderson, James Assistant Principal for 4th, 6th & 8th grade
Rasberry, Laci Assistant Principal for 3rd, 5th & 7th grade
Vaculin, Choya Counselor
Angel, Mickey Band
Barrett, Kyle 7th Grade Texas History
Bethell, Michelle Interventionist/Cheerleading
Broussard, McKenzi 6th Grade ELAR/UIL Director
Brown, Alyssa Band
Callahan, Cassie Agriculture/FFA Advisor
Crawford, LaTarsha Paraprofessional
Delgadillo, Hector PE
Dorner, Carolyn PEIMS Clerk
Doughty, Chester 6th Grade Social Studies
Harris, Keri Gifted & Talented/Technology/Yearbook
Hause, Lance 6th Grade Social Studies/Career Exploration/Boys' Coach
Hause, Stephanie 8th Grade Science/NJHS
Henderson, Adrienne 6th Grade Math
Hyvl, Leah 6th Grade Math
Janicek, Kayla Girls' Coach, 8th grade ELAR
Johnson, Kapa 8th Grade Math/Algebra
Keen, Dale Cross Country Coach/Aerobic Running
Kirk, Rachel Girls' Coach, 7th grade ELAR
Kistler, Amy 7th grade Math
Lasher, Kristi 7th grade ELAR
Lawson, Emma ISS Paraprofessional
Lloyd, Kerry 7th Grade Science/Cameron Prep
Lueckemeyer, Diane Co-Ed PE/Girls' Coach
McAnulty, Nan Administrative Assistant
Morgan, Amy 6th Grade ELAR
Muniz, Lydia 8th Grade ELAR
Noker, Sarah Librarian
O'Connor, Ollie 7th Grade Math
Posey, Debbie Special Education
Ramsey, Jennifer Learning Lab & SpEd Paraprofessional/Culinary Arts
Rasberry, Jayce Boys' Coach
Rodriguez, Jennifer 6th Grade ELAR
Ruelas, Jackie Nurse
Santellano, Jenny Special Education
Stone, Mary 7th & 8th Grade Math
Wagner, Kirk Boys' Coach
Wells, Kausion DMAC/ISS Paraprofessional
Williams, Charlie Special Ed Paraprofessional
Young, Trey Boys' Coach/PE
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