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C.I.S.D. has named 2018-2019 teachers of the year for each of the four district campuses. 

These teachers are all the best at what they do.  Their love for their students is evident in the way their students responded to them this morning.  They don't teach class, they teach children and are preparing each of their students for life.  We are blessed to have each of them. 

Ben Milam Elementary: Joni Hoyle has been teaching Kindergarten for 38 years at Cameron I.S.D.
Cameron Elementary: Arcelia Vargas has been teaching 5th grade for 21 years at Cameron I.S.D.
Cameron Junior High: Ian Potthoff teaches 8th Grade, this is his first year with Cameron I.S.D.
Yoe High: Linda Post has been teaching for 44 years, she has been teaching English for 2 years here at Cameron I.S.D.

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