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Cameron ISD
Cameron ISD is dedicated to enriching the lives of the citizens of Cameron.  We do that through our efforts to provide a high quality education to our students.  From our pre-kindergarten program that establishes a strong foundation for academic success to the programs in our secondary schools that are designed to prepare students for college and career, we work to make brighter futures for children.  

Thanks to the outstanding Cameron ISD School Board, which provides support to our dedicated teachers we are recognized as a leader in the area of technology integration.  Technology allows our teachers to design instruction that meets the academic needs of each student and equips our students with the technological skills to be ready for the demands of today's world.  Our excellent fine arts programs give students the chance to develop their natural abilities and pursue careers in the chosen field.  The quality of the athletic programs inspires young people to become champions.  Every member of the Cameron ISD family gives their all to make every student a success.  We look forward to continuing to impact the lives of our students and their families.

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